Hej Back Home, 


Well I started this email three days ago to update you, and did not find the focus, nor the time to finish it.  I will try again to complete the task at hand. LOL  Today is Thursday (around 11:00 p.m.) and we will begin our travel home about 24 hours from now when we catch the night train back to Stockholm.


Last Saturday the students went to the indoor water slide and water park, while I went to Akersjon in the mountains (with my family) where Tommy and Clara competed in a "Veteran" snowmobile race for old vintage snowmobiles and we had a blast on a rare sunny day.

Akersjon… A Beautiful Place to Hold a Snowmobile Race

And the Winner is….Clara

Tommy at Vintage Full Speed

Last Minute Race Instructions


  Sunday all of us met up at Lennart and Yvonne's home for a dinner and "waffle dagen" (waffle day) together with Tommy's family and Magnus and Eva.  A great dinner (and a fun visit for everyone) was the outcome for all involved! 


Monday through Wednesday were spent in and out of various classes and also included a visit to an Adult Ed. English class at Birka School where Magnus now teaches.  We discussed and compared the differences between the California and Swedish education systems as well as our justice systems.


The past week has gone by faster than ever, and I am sure that the students are feeling the same sadness that I do to be leaving our friends on this side of the world.  Reminders are all around us though, that in one more week we will embark on the next chapter of this years exchange, when the Swedes arrive for the second half of the project.  The excitement will mirror what we have experienced here, and it will be very fun to watch that happen again during part two in California.  : )  


I have had the pleasure of watching our students mature quite a bit over the last three weeks, and it has once again been very fulfilling for me.  I will bring home three young adults for you when we return.


We will see all of you again on Saturday evening! 





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