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My experience in Sweden was unbelievable!!!


This was something that I will never forget.


The friends and family that I made there is just incredible. Not only did I have a great time, but I learned many life lessons.


Nothing I have ever done could compare to the experiences I had in Sweden. I am pretty much speechless - it was so amazing. Everyday there was always something new to do or learn.


The whole trip was un-describable. Being able to drive a big truck and a tractor was awesome! Plus I learned the importance of “Ockelbo” and Volvos. This experience has changed my life! Rickard and his family were so nice. I have never felt so at home.


I never thought I would get to do something like what I have done these last three weeks. I really don’t want to leave! I would love to stay another three weeks, it feels like I just arrived!


The landscape was just breathtaking and the weather amazing! I truly will miss everyone and I will miss the beautiful country. I am going to really try to come back during summer or next year.


Cody Shepherd


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