Elinas slutord



My name is Elina and I am the only women on the exchange trip we had.


After a very long time on the plane we finally got to america.


When we got to LA we had to rent a car wich took a while and after that a long drive was ahead of us to the mountains. It was so much snow up there, so it took a while for us to come to our family, and my family lived furthest away so I came to my family very late in the night,

I think we all were tired, and when I came to my family they wanted to sit up and chat with me. But I got to bed at last and it was wonderful.


The fist weekend was nice, saturday we snowboard around Alis house and I got to met some neighbors and the on sunday we went to Pamona swap meet. It was big and so fun to walk around there and look at nice cars and car parts.


The first monday we got to check to school out. It was a big school and very cool to see a different school. And on tuesday we got to see our pratice place, me and Simon were at Davis autobody and we are going to work there all the time. I didn´t minde, they were so nice at that shop to us!.


Next weekend me and Alis family went shooting in the dessert on saturday, and on sunday we went to Hollywood and Venic beach. In hollywood we walked on the stars, saw the chines theater and of course the Hollywood sign. Then we were driving to Venic and when we got there it wasn´t so nice bathing weather so we just walked around and picked ut seashells and sand dollars. It was a really nice day!


The last weekend in America all the exchange students from both sides and the teacher went to Las Vegas to a dragrace and all the students were the crew and helped out with the car we had with us. That means that we had to cool the car down, check the battery, the oil etc. It was so warm those days so we were there so everyone got a little bit of a tan over there.

The wednesday after that weekend we ”sweds” went to a place called Victoria gardens were we went shopping. I bought some things like shoes and the last gifts to my family. It was a really fun day.


My three weeks over there were so nice and I am so happy that I got to go there. I liked my family and we had fun together. Those three weeks went by so fast and I wanted to be the much longer time. I really want to go back there, and I hope I can do that to.




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