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Hej Again! 


I suppose it is about time that I updated you on what has been going on?  We have been very busy with classes etc., and the past weekend for the students included activities such as a visit to the Moose Garden, snowmobiling, Multi-Challenge go carts, and a barbeque outdoors on a small island.


  I have no pictures from their weekend yet to share with you.  :( 


My weekend included a drive to a town named Ann (pronounced "Onn"), where we took on some fun "soggy" snowmobiling since the temps have been above zero for some time now!   I think the snowmobile season is pretty much over, since the snow from the winter is now almost completely melted.


The classes that we have attended have been English, electrical, welding, airbrush art, as well as the awesome truck and tractor driving school!  We have learned much and enjoyed all of them.  I think I am going to have a hard time convincing the students that we must leave next week.  : )   LOL

Electrical Class with Erik

Erik´s Electrical Class

Finished Electrical Circuits

English Teachers

After School Shopping Downtown Östersund

After School Shopping Downtown Östersund

Ali Moving Snow

Possible New Carrier Path for Ali

Truck and Tractor Lessons at the Training Yard



Weather has been wind, light rain, light snow flurries, and grey skies with a slight punctuation of sunshine here and there.


Until next time....




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