Hej igen!



Hej Again,

These pics are from the tour Lennart and Maths provided for us of the automotive school shop and classroom.

Tour in the body shop

Clayton, Simon and Lennart

  It was nice to spend a little time all together talking, and planning out the first few days for a bit, while looking around the shop areas.... before we headed out to our homes.


   Sondag morning I woke up to a spectacular view out my south west window with a couple inches of new snow.  I don't know exactly what the students did with their families today, but I spent the day with Tommy and family and even found time to go out for a little snomobile ride and a "Fika" (coffee break)on the deck in the warm sun.  : ) 

View out my west window
I will see the students again in the morning to find out what they did besides rest up for the week ahead. 

Amazing that each trip has held new sights and new adventures on EVERY excursion to this beautiful country over the past 7 years (in addition to the educational opportunities we get at the school)!  

I will mail again in the coming days.  Have fun shoveling all that fresh snow at home.  The two inches here was pretty easy!   Hehe

Sondag snowmobile outing

Swedish version of river tube riding



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