Outdoor physical education




It is Wednesday morning here now.

Hope you have all enjoyed your snow day and are back to normal days now.  Hehe 

Just a quick note and a couple of snapshots from over here.  It seems that Sundag's activities for the students included such things as sightseeing locally, a trip to visit the horses, or snowmobiling and ice fishing.... depending whom you were with!  Everyone is settled in and comfortable, and have now worked into our daily school schedule.


  Monday we attended classes and experienced our first school lunch (very good food!) and took a little excursion to town to exchange currency and had a "fika" at Wedemarks Konditori as well.

Tuesday was the "outdoor physical education" day for the schools.  The U.S. students as well as many others made the choice to go snowboarding at Bydalen ski hill in the mountains, and had a great time!  Elina was the only one that could not go due to a conflicting appointment that was too important. 

I have also attached a photo of Mondag morning's sunrise from my front door and some shots from the ski outing.   I just can't describe to you how awesome it is to be back visiting and studying here again!  I enjoy seeing the looks on the students faces each time they discover new wonders and experiences here.

Dave and the Students.....

Swedish sunrise in Trangsviken

 Driving to the mountains for physical education day

Ready to catch the slopes

Shall we go up again?




Today's weather is steady light rain with grey skies (go figure... lol) and yesterday's field trip weather was light to moderate wind with temps about the same..... near freezing.  



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