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Exchange program 2012



Hello my name is Simon Rickardsson and I was one of three students who go to America for a exchange program.


The trip started with a long time in a airplane. But when we came over to USA so was everything fine again.


When we had landed in Los Angeles it was time to rent a car. We drove up to the mountains and was met by much snow and fog. I told everyone in the car that it looks like home here. It was late and we go to the family I stay with first, because they live closest. I was so tired because I haven’t sleept at the plane, so when I came in to their house they were so nice and Michelle (Claytons mom) show me the house. In a short time after that I fell a sleep in a really nice bed.


The First Saturday we went to Pomona Swap meet and look around and see all autopart and cars. It was a nice day. The first Monday we go to Rim High School and look at their autoshop and we go inside the school and look around. On Tuesday it was time to see where we would be in practice. I had my practice at Davis auto body and paint. Everyone in this shop was so nice.


The next weekend me and Claytons family go to Hollywood to see all cool things there. I like all the stars and and all cool people on the street. After we have been in Hollywood in a few hours we drove to Huntington Beach and stayed at a hotel for the night. I have work every weekday at Davis but on the evenings I have done much funny things with Clayton and his friends and his family. We have gone offroading with claytons TOYOTA pickup and with his dads Polaris RZR. We have also been to a rich man and look at all his Chevrolet 57.


One weekend all students and teachers in the exchange program go to Las Vegas to look at drag race, and Dave the auto teacher drove Rim High Schools race car. All students help to cool down, cleaned up the car and help Dave. It was fun but warm. I took a lot of pictures of cars and big trailers. The last Wednesday all Swedish students and teachers go down the hill to shopping. I don’t bye so much but it was a fun day.


This three weeks we were in USA has gone so fast. One day I came and the other I go home. I had a really good time over there and the family I stay with was amazing. I like them so much and everyone around them. I can promise that, I go back when I have money.




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